Well hello world...

I have an odd relationship with writing... The truth is, I WANT to do it, but in addition to the whole "no time" problem we all have, I am way too much of a perfectionist about all things written. I can't tell you how many journals I gave up on and pitched as a teen and young adult because I found them less than perfect.

Now, in the digital age, you'd think it would be a little easier, since I can go back and change things at any time, right? But no, I'm still too obsessive and that's something I really need to change.

So... Here goes nothing. ☺️ My goal here is to share all aspects of my art, from the products themselves all the way back to the thought processes, inspirations and moods behind them. 

Last week, I was grumpy about having to go to an early morning appointment in Orlando, so I decided that afterward I would visit a museum I've wanted to see for a while, the Morse in Winter Park. Among other things, it houses the largest collection of Tiffany glass in the world. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed that place! The glass was just stunning. Those colors!! I would love to learn that art form one day, but for now, it gave me a lot of inspiration for my watercolor paintings. Here are some highlights... 

Tiffany leaves

Those leaves! Basically every shade of green imaginable, and the variegations within each leaf are just stunning. Expect to see leaves like this in my future projects. 😊

Wisteria lamp

I adore wisteria. I love the... unruliness of it. And this lamp captures it perfectly. Interesting, considering that stained glass is a pretty disciplined art form. Notice the tangled tree branches on the top. 

And lastly... 

Perfect glass world

Nothing to see here, just an utterly perfect glass world I want to step into and never come back... ☺️

That's it from me tonight, but I'm really going to try to keep this up... If the blog disappears, however, you'll know that somehow, some way it wasn't perfect. 😝




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  • Christine Tice on

    Dear Beth, thanks so much for the lovely gift. I will wear it with pride and always think of you when I do. Please keep writing, as your best is your perfection. I’d love to read the tales you spin! Look forward to more of your unique gifts.

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