On being your own boss

So I've been thinking about getting rid of the blog because I never seem to have time to write in it. In a way, Instagram is my blog, because that's where I tend to post my random thoughts and, of course, photos.

But tonight, I'm wide awake for reasons I will shortly detail, and I thought, what the heck, let's write a blog post.

Having my own business is a dream come true for me. I absolutely love what I do. My designs have been part of so many special moments and I've received amazing feedback from customers/followers. It's heartwarming.

However, if I could jump back 4 years and talk to myself as I was starting this thing, I'd have a few warnings for her. The first one is, be aware that on some night in 2020, a customer is going to call you AFTER MIDNIGHT to tell you their mug arrived broken. 😆 (And yes, of course I replaced it!) And after that, you'll be up all night blogging because the chance for sleep is now gone the way of the broken mug. 

I'd also tell the Old Me: You will work harder on this than you ever thought possible. You will have days when you wonder why you don't just punch a time clock somewhere, put in a fraction of the hours you spend doing this, collect a paycheck and go home. Go home and forget about work. No worries about shipping delays, broken merchandise, finding reliable suppliers/production partners, PANDEMICS and certainly not middle-of-the night broken mug calls. 

But I would also have to tell her: The crazy hours you put into this thing will not be anywhere near as mentally and emotionally taxing as putting in fewer hours at a "real job." You'll have stressed and annoyances, but 99% of your customers will be completely wonderful people and a lot of them will become your good friends. When you have the "bad days"" that all chronic illness sufferers have, you will be able to take it easy- yes, you'll pay for it later, but you can have that flexibility to take care of yourself. You'll have happy days where you forget all the logistics and just feel like you draw for a living. And at the end of the day, there will be so much more of you left over physically, mentally, spiritually than there ever was before.

Yeah. It's worth it. 🙂

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