Love Never Fails 2019 International Convention Bracelet with Charms to Share!

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Are you traveling to one of the many international conventions next year?  Excitement is building!  I personally will be going vicariously through many of you ;-) but I'm still super excited for the program and talk tie-ins.

In this updated take on our popular convention charm bracelet, we've added a special feature that allows you to give a little piece of it to a new friend. 😊 The bracelet includes airplane, passport and camera charms, representing travel, along with a glass cabochon globe charm with the theme "love never fails" written across the watercolor background and another small glass charm with your desired location. Both glass charms are set in tibetan silver charm settings. In addition to the permanent charms, there is a special "see you in paradise" charm that attaches with a lobster clasp, so it's easily removed to give to someone special. Think you'll want to give away more than one? ☺️ Additional clip-on charms may be added.

The bracelet comes boxed and ready for gift giving or keeping! Bracelet blank is made of sturdy iron and expands to fit over your hand, then springs back into shape, so it will work for pretty much any size.


Bracelets will ship within 3-5 days of order.