Black and White Pencil Portrait Pendant
Black and White Pencil Portrait Pendant
Black and White Pencil Portrait Pendant
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Black and White Pencil Portrait Pendant

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How do you make a moment last forever?  Why, you take a picture, of course!  And even better yet- turn that picture into a piece of wearable art and keep that memory front and center for years to come!

These custom art pendants start with your photo.  We use a digital process to make it into a "drawing," then touch it up by hand so it's just right.  We then seal the art under glass and set it into a one-inch antique silver, rounded-edge pendant "frame."  We finish by placing the pendant on a matching chain, or if you prefer, a key ring with swivel clip.

Tips for perfect portrait jewelry:

  • Photo should be as clear as possible- we can work with older, faded or lower-quality photos but the finished product will look better if your photo is of high quality.
  • This style looks best with one or two people in the picture.  If you have a photo with more people in it, please contact us to discuss the best options.
  • People in photo should ideally be looking directly at the camera, or close to it- profile pictures often don't turn out the best.

THE PROCESS:  Once you place your order, feel free to email us your photo at  Once we receive it, we will digitally alter it within 24 hours and send you a mock-up of the finished product for your approval.  If we have not received a response from you within the next 24 hours, we will assume it's good to go and put your order into production so as not to hold it up.  Production takes 2-3 days and domestic shipping another 3-5, so you will have your custom pendant in your hands in less than two weeks!