Favorite Scripture Bar Necklace, Design your own!

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This is my favorite pendant shape by far, with its two-inch length and narrow (less than half-inch) width. It's so classic and understated.

I've been playing around with different options, looking for the perfect layout to make this into a scripture notice, and have finally arrived at one I'm in love with!

The pendant has a black background and an art-deco font that's decorative without sacrificing readability. The highly domed cabochon gives a slight magnifying effect. You will choose your verse, font color and chain length, making it your very own!

Please keep in mind that the longer the scripture is, the smaller the text will be. Compare the pictures for a rough idea, and feel free to contact me with questions. If you're concerned about the text being too small, another option is to abbreviate the verse. I will work with you to get it exactly the way you want it!

Please mention desired verse/wording in checkout comments. Necklace is alloy metals with antique silver finish. Please allow 3-5 days for completion. ☺️