JW Friends of Peace 2022-2023 Circuit Assembly Notebooks


This softcover notebook is just right for your upcoming assembly! At 6 x 9 inches, it's large enough to write in comfortably yet small and light enough to toss in your bag. And it has just enough pages to fill up for the current assembly... so you can move on to the next one with no guilt about wasting pages. ;)

Other features include:

Matte cover with a silky feel, in your choice of 4 cover styles (interiors are all the same)
Relevant scriptures interspersed throughout*
Lined pages with spaces for talk title, speaker and congregation
Two pages for most talk and three pages for each of the two longest (public discourse and concluding)
Original wraparound cover design
A page for answers to the 5 review questions and several auxiliary pages for further meditation

PLEASE NOTE that these notebooks will be printed on demand and dropped shipped to you by Amazon. We have them listed here in our shop for convenience and exposure, but you may also order them directly from Amazon at a slightly lower price- just search for "beth reddy assembly notebooks" to locate them. :)

**IMPORTANT! Please be aware that for copyright reasons our notebooks do not contain program info or talk titles. We use formatting to help keep you on track so this notebook is a perfect complement to your printed or digital program.

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