Be Courageous 2018 Regional Convention Badge Holder, JW On Royal Blue, Pin or Magnet, Special International Best Life Ever

  • $11.50

It has taken me a long time to come up with my ideal badge holder design, and I'm excited to show it off now!

The base of this holder is a silver-tone beaded-edge setting which is about nee inch in diameter. It's set with a glass cabochon with "Best Life Ever" in words lettering on a black background.

A lanyard hook is fastened to the bottom, which holds a plastic badge sleeve. The sleeve can be purchased with the holder or you may use your own.

The fastener will be your choice of a clasp pin or pair of magnets. Magnets are a slight upcharge because I use Rare Earth magnets, the strongest magnets you can get! They will ensure that your badge stays put, and they're coated so there will be no unsightly marks on your pretty convention clothes. 😃