Make Tomorrow Jealous Charm Bracelet

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This quote (from an unknown source) made me smile so much that I just had to use it.  :)  Make every day awesome.

This sweet charm bracelet will remind you to do just that.  The glass cabochon charm features those words on a vibrant watercolor background, and it's accentuated with some rather random and Tibetan silver retro charms: a camera, an alarm clock and a typewriter.  Maybe they are there to say get up, live and keep a record of it?  ;-)

Bracelet is a high quality iron bangle- you can't bend this baby out of shape if you try.  ;-)   It has a closure so it can be opened and expanded to get it on, meaning it works for most sizes.  Feel free to ask if you have any sizing questions.  Bracelets come gift boxed!