I Can Get Back Up JW Broadcasting Inspired Charm Bangle Bracelet, Jehovah Understands, jw, Encouragement, Stainless Steel

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Sliding adjustable bangle with five handmade charms. Each is done in a gradient green-blue watercolor, forming an ombre effect. Art is then sealed under glass and mounted into 3/4 inch charm settings. Bracelet is a zinc alloy, silvertone, or upgrade to stainless steel. Charms are alloy.

This can be done in colors of your choice, send me a Convo! Please read below for full text as I know it's a bit hard to read in the photos.

The story behind this bracelet- I've been thinking that I should start sharing some of the special pieces I've made for myself, so I'm starting with my charm bracelet, which I try to remember to wear ever day as a reminder of the words from the original song "I Can Get Back Up-"
I know Jehovah understands
Sometimes I need a helping hand.
He knows that I am weak and sees what others cannot see...
He's looking for the best in me.
As someone who struggles with chronic illness and clinical depression, I have a constant struggle with feelings of worthlessness, or that no matter how hard I try, I am just not doing enough. My head knows that that thinking is flawed, but my heart sings a different song. I need a constant reminder that Jehovah is greater than my heart and does see the best in me, even when I can't.
I'm sharing this, even though it's way out of my comfort zone, because I know there are many, many others who feel this way. You're not alone!