SNAP BRACELET "Fruitage of the Spirit" Set! Round Setting, 3/4 Inch Cabochon Snap Button Jewelry Changeable with NINE Different Snaps

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Just like clothing snaps, these cabochons can be snapped on and off, allowing you to change your look whenever you like.

Included are a silver-plated simple round setting on a toggle bracelet fitting wrists up to 7.5 inches, with a total of nine handmade cabochon snap buttons, each representing one aspect of the fruitage of the spirit, allowing you to choose which one you want to work on that day. These buttons are relatively small, about 3/4 inch across.

All of our snap button jewelry uses the same size snap, which means it is all interchangeable! That means you have the option of wearing them on a bracelet, pendant or ring in addition to your earrings. I reinforce each and every snap with an industrial strength adhesive to ensure that they never fall apart on you. :)

Lots of different designs are available and yes, we customize! We're just getting started with the snap jewelry and it will take a while to list all the different options, so feel free to contact us with your requests.