Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness Galaxy Hinge Bracelet

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This new bracelet style is making an appearance in my personal jewelry wardrobe... I absolutely love it!  The base, made of premium alloy metals, has a spring hinge holding it together, so it opens and springs closed for easy on/off... no closures! It is adorned with a glass cabochon one of my favorite inspirational quotes: "Stars can't shine without darkness"  against a striking galaxy background.

I think my favorite thing about this bracelet is that you can wear it two different ways- with the cabochon facing out would be the obvious choice- but, if you wear the cabochon facing in, it's like a secret reminder just for you.  :)

Bracelet will best fit wrists 7.5 inches and smaller (if you don't know your measurement, know that that is a fairly standard size range that will fit most people, but if in doubt, please check.)  :-)

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